• Shana Watkins

Black and White Studio Sessions Are My Fav

Shhh—this kinda feels like picking a favorite child, but black and white studio sessions will always have my heart. ⁠

It was my inspiration as an aspiring photographer, and to this day, it just tugs at my heart each and every time. ⁠

I love that it's timeless, and personality and relationships are always at the forefront. The background, the clothing...it's all secondary to the amazing people I'm photographing. ⁠

The first sibling portrait is from 2012. The second is the 2020 re-enactment!⁠

Eighteen years after first starting this storytelling journey, my mission remains the same: creating connection and designing heirloom-quality portrait art.

Give a like to show these cuties some love for knocking out Mom's vision (and with a smile on their faces) in the second portrait. Now both are hanging on the wall next to each other. How fun is that?!

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