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No Better Time Than Now

Updated: May 30, 2023

Are you feeling like life is too crazy right now to photograph your family? ⁠

What if you could see things from a different perspective? Fewer commitments with schools, travel and social events might mean your calendar is a bit more open than usual. ⁠

Throughout the pandemic, clients have told me how it just seems more important than ever to catch up on their family's portraits and to give their high school seniors something to look forward to when cancellations have become the new normal. ⁠

Also, when you invest in photography, you’re not just checking something off your to-do list, you're giving your children a gift they will never be able to give themselves. And it only becomes more valuable as time passes. ⁠

As much as the world has been turned upside down, creating portraits of your family is a tradition that can absolutely be celebrated safely.⁠

Being a photographer in St. Louis means helping my clients create treasured images to look back on, regardless of the the craziness of the world in that moment. I'm happy to share with you the changes I've made this past year to honor the safety of my clients. ⁠


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