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Why We All Need Options in Life & Our Photo Sessions

We all need options. Coffee: small, medium, or large? Restaurant take out: curbside or delivery? ⁠

Choices are important because everyone has varying preferences, and my business is no different! For example, here are a few choices you can make when working with me:⁠

__________ Studio or Outdoor Session ⁠

__________ Canvas or Gallery Style Wall Portraits⁠

__________ Luxury Album or Hand-crafted Leather Portfolio Box⁠

While there are different options when working with me, one thing remains the same: YOU get to decide! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to make your decision easier!⁠

When I photographed this handsome Class of 2021 senior, we knew exactly the plan. I had photographed his sister just two years earlier, and for that session, I created two 16x16 canvas wrap wall portraits with room for two more of her brother for a fab 4 square canvas series that is now complete!

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