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Perfect Gift Certificate for Mom or Grandma

Updated: May 30, 2023

Limited Edition, Fine Art "Vignette Sessions" coming in June! I have 10 open appointments, and I expect they will fill quickly.

This little one...ohmygoodness. She is just as sweet as she is adorable.

“Shana is truly the perfect photographer for our little girl. Her bright and cheery disposition had Sidonia all smiles for the entirety of the shoot! It was so difficult to choose but her guidance helped tremendously. I’d recommend her to everyone! -Amy H.

P.S. Mother's Day is May 9th, and a gift certificate for Mom or Grandma would be SO perfect and unexpected (unless you're buying it for yourself). And to really make it over the top, she gets to pick the outfit!

All studio sessions are in my indoor/outdoor photography studio in St Louis, perfect for safe, social distancing. Special products and pricing available for these sessions only. Don't miss this!

Tag a Mom or Dad who needs to know about this. You can message me to sign up.

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