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The Process, Start to Finish: It’s Easy! I Promise.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

When we work together to photograph your family, almost all of the prep work will be completed before I even pick up a camera. We’ll plan out backdrops, locations, clothing, jewelry, the color scheme—even where you’d like portraits displayed in your home. As a result, clients often tell me, “Wow, that was so easy!” and “That went by quickly!”

When you reach out, I’ll start by gathering some more information and asking questions: What is important to you? What are you most concerned about? What are your goals? Then we’ll start planning whether the shoot will take place at your home, my studio or outdoors.

I’ll come by for a home visit, where I’ll get a fuller sense of your preferred style and design. I’ve found that planning what everyone will wear is often the largest stressor, so that tends to be the main focus of our first home visit. Everyone’s outfits have been planned when I leave, which makes the day of shooting much easier.

For the actual shoot, I’m not a big fan of a strenuous two-hour photo session. Even under the best circumstances, people start to fade after about 45 minutes. In that time, I can get you everything you need. A photo shoot can be a really positive experience when done right, and my biggest goal is to facilitate an environment where everyone feels comfortable.

Plus, that’s how you get the best shots.

Post-session, we’ll schedule an ordering appointment to review all the photos. Typically I organize everything into a slideshow—that way, you can easily pick out your favorite shots. And if something isn’t absolutely perfect, I can work my Photoshop magic and fix any errors on the spot: sweater lint, excess shine, or a misplaced shadow? Nothing a little post production can’t fix. Our primary goal is high quality, timeless portraits.

Also, there are so many forms your images could take. We can design them into wall portraits, family photo albums, holiday cards and much more. If you’re overwhelmed, don’t worry. We’ll make all of those decisions together and fine-tune everything so that it’s absolutely perfect.

My goal is to make sure that no part of the process feels stressful. The whole experience is completely tailored and customized for each individual family and subject.

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