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Scrolling through 1000s of photos is the worst.

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

It’s a nightmare. Or at least it feels like one every time one of the kids needs photos.

Jude needed childhood photos for eighth grade graduation, and I went straight for the same stack I always do. But guess what? Those shots only cover newborn to 3 years old. Why? Because it was around that time I switched to using my phone for our daily pics.

Big bummer. Now I have to set out on an archaeological dig to unearth the other 10 years of his life. Horrible—for me and for him, because now the secret is out. I haven’t given his memories the attention they deserve.

And poor Archer, who’s 4, doesn’t even have his own pile of printed photos. So...now I’m feeling AWFUL.

For both kids, I have photos on CD, on my phone, on my desktop, on my laptop and on my work server. (Maybe you can relate.) But because life is so busy, I can’t find even a minute to consolidate all those photos—let alone the hours it would take to organize them, print them and design an album.

If you’re anything like me, just getting started feels overwhelming. And as each year passes, it’s harder and harder to tackle this project.

So I enlisted the help of my husband, and said, “We’re getting our photo act together!” And guess what, we did! But it was sooooo time consuming.

He spent days upon days narrowing down the photos and sorting them into folders and then...the computer crashed. No joke. Luckily, the photos were backed up to the cloud, but all that painstaking organizing was lost forever. And that was just one year’s worth of photos.

Save your marriage, spend more time with your family, and avoid some major hassle and headaches by ordering a Family Yearbook.

Each Family Yearbook includes:

1. A 20-page, professional quality, lay-flat album

2. 120 images that reflect the highlights of your year

3. PEACE OF MIND that your photos are preserved, protected, and easily accessible

If this sounds like a lot of work, I totally get it. I promise to make it easy for you:

1. You can text me your 12 photos each month.

2. I'll create beautifully designed pages and print the album for you.

3. I'll ship it straight to your door.

You’ll have a perfect photo album to enjoy forever—and you’ll have NO MORE GUILT.

If you need help, I’m here for that, too.

For $48 every month, you, too, can have an amazing Family Yearbook. And it will only take you 15 minutes to document the life of your family in a format everyone can enjoy now and in the future—think grandkids and their kids.

To reserve your Family Yearbook membership, sign up here:


Looking forward to helping you with this! Shana

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