• Shana Watkins

Time For A brand Refresh?

Demand for headshots has gone waaaaay up since the pandemic started, and it's hardly a coincidence. My clients are finding that it's the perfect time to level up their online presence with an upscale update. ⁠

Think social media profiles, website updates and printed materials. ⁠

You only have three seconds to make a first impression. ⁠

Ask yourself these three questions. ⁠

1. Is my headshot current? (2 years is the standard)⁠

2. Is it professional?⁠

3. Do I look friendly and approachable?⁠

I'm happy to review the options with you. Send me a message to get the ball rolling. ⁠

⁠PS No one says "I can't wait to get new headshots." I totally get it. But I've yet to work with a client who wasn't thrilled with the result, and I've streamlined the process to make it efficient and painless.

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