• Shana Watkins

Why Our family Yearbook is a Must-Have

One kind word can warm up three winter months." Japanese Proverb⁠

Kind words from my clients are the best, and these five sentences just made my week! ⁠

Check out what @amyzebala just said about the Our Family Yearbook membership! ⁠

"As a wife, mother, friend and travel consultant, I am constantly taking photos. A year ago I was drowning in thousands of images on my phone and on my computer. Enter Shana Watkins and Our Family Yearbook. Shana has made the process of transferring my photos from the cloud and into books absolutely seamless. Her attention to detail and impeccable aesthetic results in the most beautiful albums that I'll treasure."⁠

I started this business to help my clients who were drowning in digital photos to start enjoying the memories they were making with their families.⁠

Getting this type of feedback from happy customers makes it all worth it! ⁠

Want to learn more about joining Our Family Yearbook? Visit ourfamilyyearbook.com.

If the “learn more” link takes you to the waitlist, we have filled all of our spots.

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