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Love & Legacy Portraits

Celebrating the sweetness of childhood with the expertise and artistry of an award-winning photographer

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As a portrait artist, I often think about how we can best preserve our children's most precious memories that will one day connect generations. In this day and age of all things digital and quickly changing technology, I truly believe the magic is in the time-tested tradition of tangible portraits. 

To imagine that one day these archival, fine art portraits will be passed on to your child's children creates the vision for how important these portraits will be to your family's legacy.

In this portrait series, "Love & Legacy" I am creating painted portrait art of children that is not only beautiful, it is also empowering. When children see themselves featured on the walls of their family's home, there is no doubt that they are loved beyond measure.


With the accuracy of your child's unique features preserved, we can stop time and celebrate the sweetness of this stage for your children. These portraits will be the foundation for a beautiful tradition that will create a family legacy for future generations. 


• You recognize in today's digital world that creating timeless family heirlooms is more important than ever before.

• You appreciate quality design, craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind artwork for your home. 


• You want to build your child's confidence and sense of belonging with beautiful portraits on the walls of your home. 


The foundation for an heirloom portrait is classic, traditional clothing that sets the scene for a timeless art piece. Without the distraction of trendy clothing and busy backgrounds, each child's sweet personality shines through.

These portraits are gorgeous on the walls of the most beautiful interiors, and everyone who sees them will know the value you place in family.

Each heirloom portrait is created using museum-quality materials and finished with the most beautiful custom frames. Hand gilded and aged by artisans using similar materials and techniques from hundreds of years ago, these frames are available in silver and gold leaf. Both oval and square corner frames are available. 

I can assure you these portraits will only increase in value as your child matures and this stage lives only in your memory. To give each step in the process adequate care, please allow up to four months for completion.

To begin the process, the initial session fee is $325, and finished artwork is priced separately. Our fine art, mixed-media portraits range from $2150 for an unframed 16x20 inch portrait to $3200 for a framed 20x24 inch portrait. We also offer traditional, fine art black and white heirloom portraits. 




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Jamie Oeltjen

Seeing this beautiful artwork brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it. It captures all of Molly's features perfectly and is just so special. The attention to detail and quality is just exceptional. Shana is truly an artist.

Julie Greene

Shana has been our family photographer for over 16 years. Her pictures are timeless pieces of art that fill our home, and we couldn't be happier.

Megan Bicklein

Working with Shana has been a dream come true! We worked with Shana for my daughter’s 2-year heirloom portraits in St. Louis, and the entire experience from start to finish was seamless and luxurious- everything I could have asked for and more!





Over the past 23 years, I have had the pleasure of photographing more than 2,000 families with children of all ages.

​​From my own experience as a mother and family photographer, I know all too well how quickly we lose track of these early stages. 

In the fast-paced lives we live, we have thousands of snapshots on our phones, but I wanted to create artwork that would honor tradition and be worthy of passing down to future generations. 

To do so requires mastery of the craft and an incredible attention to quality and detail. 

I am honored to have earned the Master of Photography degree and Certified Professional Photographer designation from the Professional Photographers of America as well as receiving numerous state, national and international awards along with having my work featured in magazines.

I look forward to helping you start an incredible tradition for your family.


Q: What if my child or grandchild doesn't sit still?

It is not an expectation that the child sit still. We will simply be chatting and interacting, and the session is complete before children become bored or stressed. I love that we get the one-on-one time to chat about the things that are most important to them: fire trucks, koalas, dance class.

With two decades of experience photographing children, it doesn't take long before I have all of the expressions we need to choose the portrait that best reflects each unique child. Meanwhile, they're having so much fun that they're not ready for the session to end.

My hope is that they leave feeling like celebrities! A 4 year old I photographed for his heirloom portrait told his Mom after the session, “I think I did a very good job. I was VERY handsome.” I absolutely love that.

Q: What is the best age for heirloom portraits?

I love photographing children of every age. For this project, it is important that young children be old enough to sit independently. Traditionally, these portraits capture an age between one and six years old. However, I would love to include older children who would absolutely feel treasured and celebrated during the years when that can be its most challenging. 

Q: What do you recommend for clothing?

Classic, timeless styles work best. Clothing colors should complement the room where the portrait will be displayed. The Woman's Exchange has beautiful options for little ones, including custom cherry dresses and suits as well as smocked outfits with the sweetest details. You can also see our portraits on display at The Woman's Exchange in St. Louis. 

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