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"Love & Legacy" an Artist Project

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As a portrait artist, I often think about how we can best preserve our children's most precious memories that will one day connect generations. I truly believe the magic is in the time-tested tradition of printed portraits. 

To imagine that one day these archival, fine art portraits will be passed on to your grandchild's children creates the vision for how important these portraits will be to your family's legacy.

In this artist's project, "Love & Legacy" I am creating painted portrait art of children that is not only beautiful, it is also empowering. When children see themselves featured on the walls of their family's home, there is no doubt that they are loved beyond measure.


With every photographic detail of these children's perfect little faces, their children and grandchildren will be able to see their shared features and celebrate the common thread that is woven throughout their family's history. 

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I absolutely adore photographing heirloom portraits of children, and this artist's project features everything I love. The focus is on classic, traditional clothing to create a timeless art piece. Without the distraction of trendy clothing and busy backgrounds, each child's sweet personality shines through with every tiny detail.


These portraits are gorgeous on the walls of the most beautiful interiors, and everyone who sees it will know the value you place in family.

Due to the amount of time needed to create the reference portrait and artwork and overseeing each step from concept to installation, I am limited to accepting 12 subjects for this project.


These children's heirloom portraits will be created using museum-quality materials and finished with the most beautiful custom frames. Hand gilded and aged by artisans using similar materials and techniques from hundreds of years ago, these frames are available in both silver and gold leaf. Both oval and square corner frames are available. Please allow up to four months for completion.

To participate in this project, please apply using the form below. 


Reference Image

Finished Artwork




oval heirloom children's portraits


I love helping busy parents capture family milestones and memories for their children without stress.

Over the past 22 years, I've photographed more than 2,000 families with children of all ages.

​With four children of my own (ages 8 to 22), I can assure you nothing can surprise me, and I love every age and stage.


Photography for me is more than a hobby; it's a career that has become my life's work.


I am honored to have received the Master of Photography degree and Certified Professional Photographer designation from our governing organization, Professional Photographers of America, as well as receiving numerous state awards, including Missouri Photographer of the Year


Jennifer Padrucco

Shana is lovely and is very easy to work with. The finished product is a showstopper. I treasure the snapshots in time that she has given my family.

Kelly Camp

Shana is an incredible photographer. She always seems to capture the sweetest expressions of my children and the most adorable moments. I treasure each and every photograph she’s taken of my family.

Julie Greene

Shana has been our family photographer for over 16 years. Her pictures are timeless pieces of art that fill our home, and we couldn't be happier.


Q: What if my child or grandchild doesn't sit still?

It is not an expectation that the child sit still. We will simply be chatting and interacting, and the session is complete before children become bored or stressed. I love that we get the one-on-one time to chat about the things that are most important to them: fire trucks, koalas, dance class.

With two decades of experience photographing children, it doesn't take long before I have all of the expressions we need to choose the portrait that best reflects each unique child. Meanwhile, they're having so much fun that they're not ready for the session to end.

My hope is that they leave feeling like celebrities! A 4 year old I photographed for his heirloom portrait told his Mom after the session, “I think I did a very good job. I was VERY handsome.” I absolutely love that.

Q: What is the best age for heirloom portraits?

I love photographing children of every age. For this project, it is important that young children be old enough to sit independently. Traditionally, these portraits capture an age between one and six years old. However, I would love to include older children who would absolutely feel treasured and celebrated during the years when that can be its most challenging. 

Q: What do you recommend for clothing?

Classic, timeless styles work best. Clothing colors should complement the room where the portrait will be displayed. Locally, Woman's Exchange has beautiful options for little ones, including cherry dresses and suits as well as smocked outfits with the sweetest details.

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