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You might find this surprising…

Updated: May 30, 2023

Being a family photographer in St Louis involves a lot of planning you may not expect.

Here is a look behind the scenes...

Step 1.

The initial phone call, social media message, email, or website contact form Step 2.

Pre-session Zoom or phone consultation Step 3.

Session (includes drive time plus equipment set up and sometimes scouting a new location in STL) Step 4.

Select and prepare images and slideshow for client Step 5.

Set up Zoom ordering appointment and create custom client design suggestions for wall art using photos of clients' rooms Step 6.

Finalize hand-retouching and artwork for selected portraits Step 7.

Order frames, design albums, order portfolio boxes Step 8.

Deliver frames and portraits to framer Step 9.

Pick up finished wall portraits Step 10.

Set up pickup appointment for finished order and complete packaging Step 11.

Pickup appointment or delivery/install when hanging multiple pieces

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