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You are a Superhero

Updated: May 30, 2023

You are a super hero.

And still the idea of a family portrait session can be overwhelming.

I get it. It's no small feat to get everyone on the same schedule, plan out the outfits and wrangle those kids while the light is at its prettiest.

Yet, we do hard things for our kids all the time.

I hear from clients all the time that they wish they had photographed their children more often. In 22 years as a St Louis family portrait photographer no one has ever said they wish they had fewer milestones celebrated or memories made.

But I know it can be HARD, especially once the kids start having their own opinions. It's not their fault if they aren't into the idea. They don't have the perspective or maturity to understand the importance this one hour can make in their family's history.

Or maybe it's us as parents who hesitate because we're not sure how those extra pounds will show up that we've gained since the world was on fire. Spoiler alert...they won't.

Need help with outfits? I got you.

Want someone who helps you with the decisions and creates a beautiful final product? Check.

Dream of someone else hanging your wall portraits? Consider it done.

I know the guilt that can come from putting this off, but it's not too late.

Friend to friend, what can I take off your plate to make this happen?

P.S. You are amazing, and even superheroes need a sidekick sometimes.

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