• Shana Watkins

Award Winning Portrait

Two of my very favorite subjects...Archer and puppies. ⁠

I was photographing rescue pups and asked my husband to bring Archer because he just had to see these cuties. ⁠

I about fell over with how much the puppy was enamored with Archer and knew I had to photograph them together. ⁠

Not prepared for a photo shoot, he had on a long sleeve t-shirt and gray knit pants. I changed them to the color you see now in photoshop for the monochromatic scheme and painterly feel of this final version. ⁠

As you can imagine working with a 2 year old and a puppy was anything but calm. Thank goodness my husband was on hand to do the necessary hair fixing and wrangling. ⁠I know parents often worry that their kids can't pull off a session like this, but remember we're just looking for those magical moments of stillness where it's all about connection. ⁠

This portrait was featured in Professional Photographer magazine and received awards at the state level and also the Loan designation from PPA that signify it as the work of a Master Photographer. ⁠

"I'll Never Leave Your Side" ⁠

By Shana Watkins

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