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Updated: Mar 30

Where are my fellow day-dreamers?⁠

Do you ever feel like you have a new idea every hour—and if so, how do YOU know what to act on? ⁠

I find the best way for me to enjoy my creative bursts of energy are to either 1) offer a Model Call for personal projects or 2) add a handful of Limited Edition sessions based on a unique style that I'd like to explore (not to be confused with mini sessions). I'm fast when I need to be, but I don't like to feel limited in the amount of time I have with a client.

These creative sessions allow me to share a new artistic vision with my clients who love to try something new within the consistency of my work.

I announce these types of sessions first to my Priority List*, an email list that is also the first to know when sessions open up unexpectedly. *This is different than my studio email list. ⁠

Interested in being added to the list? Message me with your email address. It's where all the cool kids hang out.

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